A Cup of Coffee, a Chair and a Dead Computer

A Cup of Coffee, A Chair and a Dead Computer

Of many a classic yarn spun from the origins of the mundane or otherwise insignificant occurrence, this is not one.  My childhood favourite author, Mr Charles Dickens, was a master of this art; drawing from little observations and chance encounters in his life to weave intricate plots and storylines.  Who would have thought that a journalist’s visit to an orphanage and a little boy’s plea for more gruel would spawn the timeless classic Oliver Twist?  Or that a visit to a solicitor’s office would fuel the tale of the tragic Charles Darnay in the epic A Tale of Two Cities? Or, still,my favourite, that young Pip’s coincidental crossing of paths with Magwich, Miss Havisham and young Estella twisted with his misplaced love and expectations would lead to his tumultuous ‘Great Expectations’?
As stated before, mine is neither an epic nor classic tale, and, I am no Charles Dickens.  But maybe it’s a story worth recounting if only for its precautionary value.
The Discovery
Having acquired a repl…