Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I Was There.

On judgement day when asked to account for my time on earth I may not have much to say for myself;  but in mitigation would elucidate that I lived in an era of some of history’s most remarkable in great and good . I was blessed enough to share my lifetime with these groundbreakers and

I would say that I was there in the lifetime of Muhamad Ali, an exceptional boxer and human being. And that in politics I was touched by the message of Dr Martin Luther King, encouraged by the vision of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, humbled by the humanitarianism  of Nelson Mandela and found some hope for the African American in the ascension of Barrack Obama.

I would stress that I was there when man first landed on the moon, took to supersonic flight and brought Earth’s peoples closer together by revolutionizing intercommunications.
It was in my lifetime that Dr Christian Barnard first performed open heart surgery, a feat that developed procedures that would eventually save my life.

I would enthuse about being there in the golden age of popular music and culture. Of  how Bob Marley and John Lennon opened my mind to philosophy in music, how the great acts of Motown and Philly soothed my spirit and I would exult in the privilege of having seen the Great Ray Charles, the inimitable George Benson and the ever versatile Carlos Santana live in concert.

There would be so much more to say but I would reserve the mention of honour to my family. If there are guardian angels sent from heaven, then I was blessed  with more than my share in my mother and siblings. They were always  there for me, and............ I was there.

So what have I got to say for myself?  As I expressed before, nothing much; but hope that I have been able to take a little bit from all whose lives have intertwined with mine directly or otherwise and infused the good into my character. Their stories define mine.

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